Kathleen Taylor is an expert in the areas of music clearance and licensing for film, television, new media and ad/promo. Kathleen is responsible for music clearance and music contract administration, including music clearance strategy, research, drafting and negotiating music quote requests and music license agreements, music budget preparation and music copyright analysis. Kathleen has worked as a music paralegal, contract administrator and clearance professional for over twenty-five years. She has cleared music rights for award winning TV shows and films for many studios, networks and their divisions, including ABC, Black Label, CBS, Fox, NBC, HBO, Lionsgate, Netflix, Warner Bros. and STX where she handled trailer/ad clearance and licensing for their first fourteen film releases. Kathleen has held positions at Universal Music Group on both the publishing and record label side, and spent several years working in television and film production, which gives her a unique understanding of both the music and production business.


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