Founded in 2005, the founders envisioned a legal collective that could deliver world-class legal services as part of the client’s team, achieving their goals through compelling advocacy, timely advice, and meticulous drafting. To realize this vision, Film & Ink has assembled its own team of highly skilled attorneys with deep experience in various entertainment Practice Areas. Our clients – from leading studios to independent producers to individual talent – can attest that a team relationship tailored to their specific needs and resources leads to effective and efficient legal representation. 


Legal Collective

What sets
Film & Ink apart?

Our clients’ work is handled by highly skilled attorneys with extensive experience – most with 20 years in the entertainment field. We do not simply hand off projects to junior lawyers. Our attorneys are supported by a group of highly competent and valued paralegals.

Highly Skilled

Film & Ink’s culture of collaboration and open communication among a team of carefully curated professionals to share ideas and best practices. This leads to consistently high-quality work product for our clients.


As a woman-owned firm, diversity is important to us. We see our diversity as a true strength not only in bolstering our client relationships, but also positively affecting outcomes when dealing with counterparties. Our diversity provides unique perspectives driving critical thinking when analyzing information, evaluating arguments and solving complex issues for our clients.


A majority of our team has worked in-house for studios. This in-house experience is what enables us to work as an extension of our client’s team. We understand how studios work and know and anticipate their needs.

Studio Experience

As a small, independent firm, we are nimble and able to quickly adjust to any changes in our clients’ needs.


We leave our egos at the door. It’s not about us but about providing our clients with great service and results. By working together and focusing on the outcomes, we channel our energy and let the best ideas win.

No Egos

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